Payment Methods

Payment methods
For your convenience, Holiday House has incorporated alternative payment methods, which you can choose to pay for by booking through the Channel Manager’s secure page after completing your details and the period you want.

Credit card:
Credit card
Bookings made through Beds24 are made using a credit card, debit card and prepaid card, provided that it is used legally. The accepted cards are VISA, MasterCard, Maestro which allow e-commerce.

Credit / Debit Card Transaction Security
Credit card transactions are made using the Beds24 security system, utilizing the infrastructure available as a Certificate of Payments by the Bank of Greece and certified according to PCI-DSS and PSD2 security standards. Holiday House and Beds24 neither maintain nor process the card details used. The payment process through debit, credit and prepaid cards is implemented exclusively by Beds24 system.
Use the SSL encryption protocol to ensure the confidentiality of the transfer of user data. The system has been certified by Comodo RSA, which specializes in transaction security and has issued the corresponding server certificate for use by Beds24.
Encryption: During the process of entering credit card billing information, all user information and personal information is encrypted and transmitted under the HTTPS communication channel. Encryption is essentially a way of encoding information until it reaches its intended recipient, who can decode the use of the appropriate key.
Transaction Privacy: Confidentiality is considered self-evident. All user-transmitted information on Beds24 is confidential and has taken all necessary steps to exploit it only to the extent deemed necessary to provide the services of each user selected by the site. Only authorized agents have access to the information / data pertaining to your transactions and only when necessary.

Deposit to a bank account
You can pay your reservation by depositing in any of the following bank details of our company within 3 business days. Make sure that the statement of the depositor’s reasoning is identical to the name with which the reservation was made.

Paypal payment
PayPal is a service that provides security in our online shopping and money transfers in general. It is essentially an online account in which we deposit money and use it for our online transactions. For each of our bookings, instead of entering our bank account information, we enter Paypal account information. This makes sure we send our decrypted information to the websites we want to send money to. With Paypal we ensure that we do not fall victim to disaster and avoid using our bank account details that you may think are risky and unstable.

Prepaid Booking
160 Days Before: 23% Discount

A) 89 days before arrival, we charge 50%
B) 68 days prior to arrival, we charge 50% which is the redemption.

If canceled or modified up to 88 days before date of arrival, we charge 25% of the total price of the reservation.
If canceled or modified up to 87 days before date of arrival, 50 percent of total price will be charged.
If canceled or modified up to 0-58 days before date of arrival, we charge 100% of the total price of the reservation.