How to get to Skiathos

From Volos: By flying dolphin (1.30 hours), by boat (2.30 hours).

From Agios Konstantinos: by flying dolphin 1.15 minutes to Skiathos, by boat 2.30 hours to the port of Skiathos only.

By Airport from Athens: The flight is only 25 minutes from Eleftherios Venizelos.

Useful phone numbers

  • Port Authority of Volos: 24210-38888 / 28888
  • Port Authority of Agios Konstantinos: 22350-31759
  • Skiathos Port Authority: 24270-23720 / 22017
  • Hellenic SeaWays of Volos: 24210-23415
  • Hellenic Sea Ways of Agios Konstantinos: 22350-31614
  • Hellenic Sea Ways of Skiathos: 24270-22209
  • Olympic Athens: 210-9666666
  • Olympic Skiathos: 24270-22049 / 22229
  • Skiathos Airport: 24270-22376 / 21885
  • Car Rental (European – Volos): 24210-30001,
  • Car Rental (European – Skiathos): 24270-29225,21114
  • Car Rental (European – Athens): 210-9233200 / 9233222

Beaches you must visit

Little bannana

Little Banana Beach is a little more secluded and peaceful than its big sister, Big Banana Beach. The area initially attracted nudists and nature lovers, but over the years nudist numbers have diminished and are now scarce. However, keep in mind that Little Banana Beach is still considered a nudist beach, and bathers are often completely naked.

Lalaria Beach

On the northeast side of the island, right at the base of a cliff, is one of the rarest beaches in the world, Lalaria.

The mountain is cut a few meters from where the wave pops, blocking any access to a road network, giving it the feel of a beach-fortress. The only way to visit the beach is by sea, either on a day trip or renting a boat if you do not have your own boat.


The beach is one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean and is also known as “Golden Sand”, as its sand is very light and looks like shining under the sun.
In Koukounaries you can do any water sports you like and find hotels, taverns, campsites and more.
The beach of Koukounaries is located in the southwestern part of Skiathos, offering a magnificent sunset that you should not miss. You can reach the beach by car or by bus.